Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Happy Easter Postcards

Here you will find postcards for your Easter greetings. If you're looking for something unique and/or colorful, you've found it.

Flowers are a popular choice for Easter. Chrysanthemums, mums for short, are flowers that are popular for both spring and fall. I remember my mother enjoying getting a variety of different flowers for Easter. These artistic chrysanthemums look lovely in pastel colors.

Teddy Bears are cute and sweet for anytime. This little teddy bear is sitting next to a large strawberry, and he is wearing a pink scarf around his neck. He also is wearing a read heart on the left hand side of his chest.

Have you ever seen a plaid bunny rabbit? Hopefully not in real life, but I think this artistic one looks cute. We had a bunny rabbit named Peter who was the inspiration for this drawing. He did some colorful antics like letting himself out of his rabbit cage.

Do you prefer realistic rabbits? This painting was inspired by poses of various rabbits that I have seen in my yard.

All of the above designs were created by me, and say, Happy Easter, which can be customized if you like.

At Zazzle, you can also order matching postage in the denomination of your choice. Check out more Easter postcards by CherylsArt at Zazzle.

Happy Easter.

Cheryl Paton