Monday, August 25, 2014

Outline flower drawing tote bags

Many creative people have several projects going at once, and it helps to have them stored in various tote bags. These same creative people, many times, also like decorating their storage containers, giving them their own special touch, so that they are even more appealing.

If you or your creative person likes to color things in, and have projects to store, then you'll want to check out these custom tote bags.

They are made of canvas and they have flower designs already printed on them.

They can be easily colored in with fabric paint markers, or by some other favored method of the artist.

This first design is in black and white, and has an array of lilies on it.

This second design features a yellow coreopsis flower with green leaves.

Both designs can be customized with added text, if you like.

Enjoy. : )

Cheryl Paton