Friday, November 28, 2014

Red Floral Pillows for Christmas and Spring

Christmas is just around the corner, perhaps that's why I've been thinking of red. My last post was about red luggage tags. Anyway, I, as many people do, associate red with Christmas.

Another nice thing about red, is that it also represents spring, and summer.

You don't have to get out the "Christmas" pillows, just to have them out for a month or two. You can also choose red flowers, and have them out for a number of months and seasons.

This post will feature the work by fellow Zazzler, Susang6, and also some of the different types of pillows that Zazzle has to offer. She has a nice selection of red pillows.

This first pillow features a square throw pillow with a stained glass look red flower design. With the green accents, it's a perfect compliment for Christmas, and can also work throughout Spring and Summer too. The Love you comment gives a nice warm message to come home to.

Poinsettias are commonly associated with the Christmas holidays. This one has a bright and cheery look with a white background, and a red crisscross pattern.

This next pillow features an array of poinsettias on a body pillow. The body pillow measures 20 by 54 inches. It would be perfect for someone who likes to prop up an arm and a leg while they're laying on their side.

If you'd like a design to personalize, a monogram is a nice way to do that. It can also be a great gift idea for newly weds.

Susan is also an artist. A lovely painting of a red day lily that she did is repeated in a diagonal pattern on this red and green lumbar pillow.

Being an artist myself, I am most keen with the red day lily pillow. Which is your favorite?

Cheryl Paton
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Red Luggage Tags for Suitcases

Whether it's a gift or you are updating your own luggage, a custom personalized luggage tag can add that something extra.

These luggage tags will have the text printed right on them, so there are no little pieces of cardboard to have to insert. Everything is intact.

They are made of clear acrylic, allowing the design and text to show through on each side.

The red feather design offers a soft look and has a placeholder for a monogram printed on the front. The back is pink with another placeholder for your contact info.

If you like hearts and snowflakes then you're apt to like this heart snowflake design. The snowflakes are made of little red hearts outline in red. They're perfect for snow lovers.

White Heart Snowflakes Red Luggage Tags
White Heart Snowflakes Red Luggage Tags by Cherylsart
Check out additional Bag Tags online at

For those who'd rather skip the snow and think ahead, we have the red tulips design.

If you want to jump right ahead to summer, then the sunglasses design will be a better fit for you.

And for those who drive a truck, we have a special one for you. The luggage tag features a red and blue tractor trailer, with Keep on truckin", printed on the front.

Red Blue Truck Keep on Truckin Luggage Tags
Red Blue Truck Keep on Truckin Luggage Tags by Cherylsart
Shop for Trucker Luggage Tags online at

All of the designs have a template form for the back so that you can easily update the contact info with your own, before placing your order.

Cheryl Paton
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Dash Deposits

I've been reading the book, Act Like a Success Think Like a Success, by Steve Harvey. In it he talks about making Dash Deposits - doing something that is a step towards your goal/vision. He challenged the reader to write down three dash deposits, and to share them with him.

So these are my three for today:
1. I am going to put my artistic designs on light switch covers in my Zazzle store.

2. I'm going to post them on Pinterest.

3. I'm going to create a new design.

Thank you Steve. I'm on my way to making my dash deposits today.

Cheryl Paton
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Friday, November 7, 2014

Royalton Bed and Breakfast Coloring Cards and Stationery

Have you been to the Royalton Bed and Breakfast yet? It is located in Royalton, Vermont. I haven't been there myself but have been honored to create coloring cards and stationery for the kids to enjoy.

If I lived closer, I would definitely give it a go. I've seen photos of not only the bed and breakfast, which sets out in the country, I've seen photos of the lovely pies that Evelyn Saenz has made for her guests.

If you have already been, do give a comment about your stay.

If you're looking to go and have kids, these coloring activities would be the perfect tie in. They can color them before, during, and/or after the trip.

This first one features the Royalton Bed and Breakfast outline drawing on chubby business cards. Older kids will enjoy coloring multiple copies of this in with colored pens and/or fine tip markers.

Royalton Bed and Breakfast Coloring Business Cards
Royalton Bed and Breakfast Coloring Business Cards by Cherylsart
Browse more Royalton Business Cards at Zazzle

There are 100 cards to a pack.

This second one is geared towards the younger crowd and is printed on 8-1/2 by 11 inch sheets of paper.

The minimum order for these is 25 sheets.

You can find out more about the Royalton Bed and Breakfast here.

Cheryl Paton

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Coloring Business Cards to Color In

So you're waiting with your child or kids and you want to have something handy for them to do, that only takes up a little space. They're bigger now and don't necessarily want the coloring books. What's a parent to do?

A teacher is wanting a fun activity, either as a reward, or just to help kids be occupied that finished their work early, etc. What's a teacher to do?

Pull out some coloring business cards and colored pens or fine tip markers, and let them color away.

These designs are printed on business cards, so they come 100 to a pack, for the standard and chubby sizes. Don't worry about there being repeat designs. Kids will like making new colorings with these little designs, and either keep them all to see their progress over time, or give them away.

Okay, so this one seems rather basic, but I'm sure the younger ones will want to do what the older kids are doing too.

Older kids can color in fancy sails.

The flowers on these can be a different color each time, or even covered with stripes and polka dots!

Here is a fun design for Halloween, featuring a cat face on a pumpkin.

I have tested colored ink gel pens and markers on my business cards, and as long as you don't immediately wipe over the color, it adheres pretty well. However, you might want to pre-test your coloring instruments before handing them over to the kids.

Check out more coloring business cards by CherylsArt at Zazzle.

Do let me know if you have any outline drawing requests for these coloring business cards.

Cheryl Paton