Monday, January 12, 2015

Art on Products - Peaceful Thoughts

My thoughts have ran rampant at times, and not necessarily in a good way. I'm better at catching myself now, and either just stopping it, and sometimes I actually come up with a new thought that brings about a whole new way of thinking.

One day I was thinking about a particular web site; it wasn't pleasant at all. I was thinking of the next thing I could say to them, that wasn't nice either. Then I caught myself. I finally stated to myself, "I am doing the right thing."

I had not idea what the right thing was, but I new the previous thoughts weren't the right thing. But I did and do have the power to set myself on the course of better thinking.

Once I declared that I am doing the right thing, several times or so, I felt calmer. The things I had been thinking about, faded away. New ideas came to mind.

Another thing that I have done to improve my mood is to go to a mirror and give myself a smile. This simple action can be pretty powerful.

How often do you smile at yourself? Go ahead, you have my permission, not that you need it though. You are definitely worth smiling at yourself.

This little sweeties also helps me to smile. She is my cat Muffin, and she'll be glad to help you smile too.

She doesn't usually wear a dress, but she did for a short time. She did look quite cute in it. Anyway, she gives me lots of love and purrs.

Before you go, here is a {{{{hug}}}} for you.

Cheryl Paton