Saturday, January 17, 2015

Canvas Easter Bags

Canvas bags are perfect for Easter egg gathering. They're pretty sturdy and the kids won't have to worry about their eggs spilling out. They have two flexible handles that also make them easy to carry.

If you'd like a coloring activity for you kids to do too, then this little bunny will do the job. The text can be replaced with your own message, child's name, etc. The bunny rabbit is pictured on the budget tote. It measures 15.75"h by 15.25"w.

The bags come in a variety of styles and sizes. This cute plaid bunny rabbit is pictured on a larger bag, for extra egg gathering. The text says, "I'm so hoppy to be here," and it can be customized. The tote style is the Impulse Tote and it measures 18 ½”W by 13 ½”H by 5 ½”D.

This Impulse style tote features colorful Easter Eggs. It has a front pocket, and measures 13.5"long x 18.5"wide; 5.5" deep.

If you're trying to encourage more healthy eating, you may like the strawberry design. It is pictured on the tiny tote, which measures 14.5"w by 11"h by 4"d.

Any of the designs can be purchased on a different bag style and/or color.

If you have a design request, you can let me know in the comment section below, or email me at

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Cheryl Paton