Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Unique Personalized Baby Shower Invitations

Looking for something a little different for a baby shower? These are some of the designs that I've created. They are printed when you place your order, so be sure to update any details for your party.

I thought that a watering can would be a neat idea. The pink can sprinkles a spray of pink water. The details are on the back; they can be easily customized by typing in your info on the template form.

It also comes in blue which shows a blue can and blue water.

This next design features an umbrella that is green and orange. The handle is striped too. The customizable details are printed on the back.

Orange and Green Umbrella Baby Shower Invitations
Orange and Green Umbrella Baby Shower Invitations by Cherylsart
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This design is made from a painting of colorful baby booties on a gray background. I chose gray for the background because I wanted to make it suitable for men too. The booties are in eight different colors.

The text to personalize is also on the back.

This one has both pink and blue flowers on it, for a shower for twins, but it doesn't have to be for twins. The flowers and leaves are arranged in a flowy type of pattern.

Be sure to personalize the text on the back.

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Do you have a favorite?

Cheryl Paton