Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thinking of You Cards and Postcards

It's nice to know that others are thinking about you, as long as it's good thoughts. Here are some nice cards and postcards to show that you are thinking of someone.

In this first card, a cute teddy bear is sitting alone in the chair, as if to say, wish you were here with me. It would be perfect to send to someone that you would like to be with, to let them know that you have saved a special spot just for them.

This postcard showcases a portrait that I did of our tuxedo cat. She is looking up with those big welcoming and loving eyes, letting you know that she's there for you. It's a purr-fect choice for cat lovers and for anyone that wants to show some love.

If you like sharing flowers and/or butterflies, and perhaps also thoughts of spring, this card can work for you. A single butterfly is enjoying a pink flower; it looks like there is room to share.

You can view more thinking of you cards and also find matching postage stamps, by CherylsArt, at

Cheryl Paton