Friday, June 19, 2015

Morgantown West Virginia Postcards

If you are searching for postcards that feature Morgantown, West Virginia, you have found the right place.

There are several designs to choose from here, that showcase the downtown area as seen from the Westover Bridge.

This first postcard features a photograph of the city.

The second design features an artistic rendering of the same photograph, by Cheryl Paton, a.k.a. CherylsArt (on Zazzle.)

This third design shows a cutout word design of the original photo of the downtown area.

This view is taken from the Granville area. It features mainly the Evansdale area and shows the Monongahela River to the right.

This view is also taken from the Granville area; it shows a closer up view of the Coliseum and more of the Evansdale area, which is also part of Morgantown.

If you have a student that will be attending West Virginia University, then I recommend giving them a pack of stamped postcards to encourage them to write home more often. A multi-postcard discount is applied when you purchase eight or more postcards from Zazzle, and they can be different designs. If you use a promotion code to save, then you will receive whichever discount is the greatest.

Browse more Morgantown Postcards online at

You can also find vintage postcards of Morgantown at Amazon. I find it amazing to look at the old vintage photos of Morgantown. I have been a resident here for over 25 years, and a lot has changed just in the time that I've lived here.

Cheryl Paton
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