Monday, October 26, 2015

Smile at Yourself in Front of Mirror

It is important what we think of ourselves. Much has been written about self talk and about being kinder to ourselves.

What used to be seen as being selfish, is now being seen as laying a good foundation to becoming better capable of liking and accepting yourself and others.

Sometimes though, one wants to get away from so much thinking. Who wants to argue with all those old thoughts that come up when you give yourself that first positive thought about yourself. That affirmation may be a meager thought in this transition of change; you may have to learn to make a declaration instead, and declare the new thought as so.

With practice though, it becomes easier over time.

Another practice that one can do is to smile at themselves while looking in the mirror. No thoughts need to be included, although you can. Just walk to a mirror or pull one out of your purse, etc., and give yourself a smile. You're worthy of it and you're worth it.

You can give yourself a long continuous smile for as long as you want, or quick little ones in succession. You can look away, sneak a peak and smile, and look away again, then sneak another smiling peak. Go ahead, make it fun, make it a game if you like.

If you would like to have a positive reminder that it's okay to smile at yourself, you can check out the products below. You'll find this smile at yourself design on stickers, magnets, mugs, business cards, and more.

As you start to smile more, you may find yourself smiling at others more too, like in the line at the store, passing a person going the other direction on the street. Don't worry if not everyone smiles back, this behavior may be new to them. Just know that you gave them a blessing. And when they do smile back, well that's a double blessing.

Cheryl Paton