Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Holiday Christmas Aprons for Adults

It's fun to wear holiday aprons to help us get in the fun spirit of Christmas. Here you'll find a selection of bib aprons, the ones that will also help to keep our tops clean, for adults.

This first design is for dog lovers; it features a fun painting of a pug dog wearing a Santa hat and a red bow. She looks so happy and bright. You can easily type in a message or name to personalize these.

Do you have a person's photo that you would like to showcase on a holiday apron? Perhaps a baby's first Christmas, newly weds, a spouse, a pet? This colorful apron features Christmas balls with one of them serving as the picture frame, for a photo that you have stored in your computer. All you need to do is to click on the apron link, then on the word Change that is under the image placeholder. You can then search for the photo that you want to use. If you need to adjust the size and/or position of your photo, click on Customize It and you'll be able to move and/or re-size your image.

Do you like building snowmen or dream of building them? This fun snow couple will help you to reminisce and/or to imagine creating your own snow creations. The text says, Happy Holidays, which can easily be customized on the template form. I enjoyed painting this happy couple.

If you are looking for a flower theme, we have the painted poinsettia flower in red and green.

Or perhaps you would like to showcase the jolly Santa Claus on your holiday apron.

If you think you might be feeling amorous over the holidays, you can donn this apron and tell your spouse that you are the present.

I own a turkey apron that I have purchased at Zazzle, and I have been quite impressed with it. It washes up well and doesn't need any ironing. Any splatters that I have gotten on it, I sprayed them with some Shout and threw it in the laundry; it always came out clean. This apron is the shorted length of the adult aprons.

Whichever design(s) that you prefer, you can order any of the above aprons on the apron style that is shown, or you can choose a different size or color. The adult aprons come in two size choices. The standard (shorter one) is 24 long by 28 wide; it comes to around hip level. The longer apron measures 30 long by 24 wide; it is longer but more narrow than the standard. The color choices are white, khaki, and yellow. The aprons are made of a 35/65 cotton-poly blend.

View more Christmas aprons by CherylsArt at Zazzle.

May you have a blessed and happy holiday.

Cheryl Paton