Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Parrot Themed Birthday Party Supplies

Here you will find options for parrot themed birthday party invitations, along with ribbon, wrapping paper, and activity and gift ideas.

The main design is a colorful outline drawing of a parrot. For the invitations, you can choose from two sided invites and postcards. The text on each features an area to fill in the details by hand, or text can be typed in, in place of the lines - using the template forms.

An activity idea is for some unique coloring ideas. The outline parrot is printed on tee shirts, canvas bags, and cotton aprons. They can be colored in using fabric paint markers, or painted in using fabric paint and brushes. The paint markers make less mess. If you use paint brushes, then you will also need bowls of water to rinse the brushes in between the colors, and paper towels to dab them off.

Gift ideas include personalized door hangers and watches.

You can see the current choices here:

If you would like this design added to any other product(s), you can either let me know through my Zazzle store (you can use the link above), or email me at

For some color and decorations, colorful parrot windsocks will add a nice touch, also colorful streamers. This windsock is weather resistant; it measures 11 inches wide by 22 inches tall.

You can also create your own hanging birds from paper plates. The video features a dove, but you can add color to the bird and make it be a parrot. The kids can also have fun coloring the wings. It can be a pre-cake activity.

Another activity idea for the kids is to also play the REPEAT Game. Have one child think of a sentence and have them whisper it in the ear of the child next to them. Each child then repeats what they heard by whispering it in the ear of the next child in line. At the end of the line, the last child repeats the sentence out loud, seeing if it is the same sentence as what the first child had said. Then have the first child move to the end of the line and begin again with the child that was second in line. Repeat until all children have had a turn beginning with a sentence.

May you have a wonderful birthday celebration.

Cheryl Paton