Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Graduation Necklace Ideas 20xx

You have found graduation necklaces and pendants that you can customize online. You can choose a more formal look to ones that are more playful in nature.

This first design features a blue cap with yellow tassel, with a placeholder for you to easily customize the year:

Blue Yellow Gold Graduation Cap Tassel Necklace
Blue Yellow Gold Graduation Cap Tassel Necklace by Cherylsart
This design is also ready in other color choices: graduation necklaces

The star design pattern of silver and blue has a placeholder for the year as well, and is easily personalized with a name:

I like this design; it is both fun and colorful. It features a cap and tassel, and a diploma design.

Other ideas are simple sayings that the student can use as words of wisdom on their journey:

Congratulations to your graduate, however they are related to you, or however you know them. Thank you for thinking of them.

Cheryl Paton

Friday, July 24, 2015

Custom Cornhole Boards for Sale

You can find some plain cornhole boards at Amazon, that you can customize on your own by hand.

You can add your own design(s) and/or words to make one of a kind.

You can also choose from various backgrounds to add your own text (or not) to. Click on the link to see some of what is currently ready.

If there are any designs by CherylsArt that you would like made available on cornhole boards, just let me know. You can either contact me through my store at Zazzle, CherylsArt, or email me at

If you have a design request for a special event or occasion, you can also let me know.


Cheryl Paton
CherylsArt at Zazzle

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tee Shirt Coloring Parties Ideas

Kids love to create. With outline tshirts, they can let their creative juices roll.

A Tshirts to Color Party offers coloring fun for the kids, and gives them something that they can also take home - and enjoy for months and perhaps years to come. The shirts can be for the kids themselves or given as gifts. I.e. they can color in shirts for their moms for Mother's Day.

The printed design is already there on the coloring shirt. The kids can color in the basic design, and they can add to it. They can add fur to the cat, stars around the space shuttle, a starfish and coral by the fish, etc. I have found that sometimes kids just need a basic inspiration to get their own creative juices flowing.

If you use paint markers, there's no need to worry about paint or water spills.

Here are the basic questions to consider before getting started:

1. How many kids are you planning for?

2. Are they all boys, all girls, or a mix? Answering this question will help you determine the theme or themes, and sizes. The painting/coloring will work best on white or light colored shirts.

3. What kind of designs might they like, or is it a theme, such as dinosaurs, parrots, etc. Kids can get pretty creative with a simple design.

4. Can the kids easily hold a paint marker with little or no supervision?

5. Do you have at least one and a half weeks, two is better, before the party date? If so, then on we go.

Preparation and Supplies

You will need a color assortment of fabric paint and the t-shirts to color.

The kids will need old shirts to wear, or aprons, to help protect their clothing.

It is best to have some paper or plastic to help protect your table. If you have a newspaper company in the area, you can check with them for an end of roll. Our local newspaper company gives them away. One roll is plenty.

Steps to take before the party.

1. Before the party, you will need to have ordered and receive the outline art tshirts in time to pre-wash and dry them, without the use of any fabric softener. The paint will adhere better when fabric softener is not used. Here are a variety of simple designs on shirts to choose from; they include every day drawings and holiday themed too.

2. Send out the invitations 1-1/2 to 2 weeks before the party. These custom postcard invitations can be personalized online.

3. You will also need a piece of cardboard for each shirt. The cardboard needs to be large enough for the design area, plus some for artistic creativity. So if you have eight shirts, you will need eight sheets of flat cardboard. If you don't have any boxes lying around, grocery stores are usually pretty good about helping out. You can also order cardboard cake boards; the rectangle ones are best for good coverage area in the shirt, or purchase them from a store that sells cake supplies.

4. Purchase a variety of paint colors. Fabric paint markers will be the least messy, and less supplies will be needed, i.e. brushes and water bowls.

5. You will need to provide an area for the kids to easily paint, and a place for their paintings to dry while they are playing games, snacking, etc.

Choosing the Paint

My recommendation is fabric paint pens, also called fabric paint markers. These are non-toxic and are easy to handle. They can be used in a coloring motion.

They also come in other color options. Have some scrap paper on hand for the kids to test the paint flow and/or to get the paint flow started.

Tips for the Day of the Party
1. Have all the supplies close by and ready to use.

2. Cover the table with paper or plastic.

3. Have an idea for an activity that the earlier arrivals can do. Ideas are word games or singing songs.

4. Have the kids or help the kids put on their old shirts or aprons/bibs.

5. The first activity will be painting the color in (outline art) tshirts. (So the paint will have some drying time during the other party activities.)

6. Slide a piece of cardboard, centered behind the outline art drawing, in between the front and back of the tshirts. Lay each shirt flat for each child to paint. (If the children are old enough and able, they can do this step. You can also do this step in advance.)

7. Let the painting begin.
a. Shake the paint markers first. Leave the lids on while shaking. The kids can have fun doing the shake for this step.

b. Follow manufactures instructions for getting the paint flow to start. The ones that I use require the shaking, followed by pressing the tip on the scrap piece of paper a number of times until the paint has moved to the tip.

8. When the kids are done painting, allow the cardboards to remain in the shirts so the colors won't bleed through to the back. Leave the shirts on the table or a safe place to dry.

9. Do any other activities, games, have cake, open presents, etc. All this gets done allowing the shirts to have some drying time. If the shirts need to dry further, a hair dryer can help, before removing the cardboard.

10. Let the parents know any other manufacturer's instructions for setting the design, such as dryer time, days to wait before laundering, etc.

11. The kids will get to enjoy their master pieces for a long time.

Let me know if you have any party questions, and also any design requests.

Cheryl Paton

Monday, July 20, 2015

Kids Color Birthday Party Ideas

Kids love to color and paint. They also like something that they can take home with them as a keepsake.

If you are having a birthday party for younger children, then coloring or painting on paper is fine. You'll find lots of variety with this coloring book of 50 unique designs. The tear out sheets are extra large at 11 by 14 inches. Per an Amazon reviewer, the paper is great for crayons, markers, and watercolor paints. The backs of the pages are blank.

Watercolor pencils and some various shaped brushes is a fun way for the kids to paint with watercolors.

If you are planning a coloring party for older kids, then you may consider a craft type project. There are various painting kits that you can get that vary according to age range.

Rock painting kits are a fun choice for both boys and girls. The ideas that the kids can come up with are endless, from shapes to animals, cars, etc. You can even invite the kids to bring a rock with them. (Do have some extra ones on hand though, just in case.)

Acrylic paints are a good choice for painting rocks if you need extra or are planning to get your own rocks. Aprons or old t-shirts to cover up the kids clothing will help reduce any paint mishaps.

Outline designs are a fun way for kids to paint their clothing. Pre-printed outline designs are an easy way to get the kids started. They love to add their own colors and designs to the pre-printed outline. Here is an example of a toucan, just waiting to be colored in.

Check here for more outline drawing designs printed on tee shirts.

Aprons, and canvas bags, also make a fun painting/coloring choice.

Some kids prefer painting with brushes, and this is great for older kids that have more dexterity. Younger kids will probably have better success with acrylic paint markers. There is usually less mess with paint markers. If you are buying your own, make sure that the markers are rated for painting on fabric. Water based markers will probably wash out, and at the very least, will bleed across the fabric.

Whichever way you choose, be sure to place a flat sheet of cardboard between the fabric layers to avoid paint bleed through to the back of the shirt, bag, etc.

When I used to host birthday parties at a local craft store, the kids always loved the painting parties. Even if they started with the same basic kit, each child added their own individuality to their creations. Everyone was always engrossed in their own painting. Paper plates were provided as palettes. The acrylic paint was easily squirted onto the plates to give each child their own color choices.

A major tip for any type of painting activity, is to have the kids do their painting at the beginning of the party, so that they paint can be drying while they are playing games, eating snacks, birthday cake, etc.

If some kids get there early or are still painting while others are done, have them sing some songs. They find it quite entertaining and it helps to keep everyone occupied and in the same area.

Cheryl Paton

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cute Halloween Postage Stamps

It's fun to have Halloween parties, whether they are spefically for Halloween, and or for a birthday party. I'm all about them being fun and cute myself, and have selected some fun and cute Halloween stamps for you to use on your invitations and such.

This first one is designed for the thinkers. I actually painted this design for my husband's office door at work. It features a skeleton sitting on top of a pumpkin, thinking. The pumpkin is looking up, wondering what is sitting up there. A black cat is rubbing up against the side of the pumpkin.

This next design features a painting of three smiling pumpkins, ready to wish your recipients a Happy Halloween. Each face is different and cute!

This fun design features a painting of kids dressed up in cute costumes; they are ready to let the invitees know that there is a party to attend. You can even add a date to the text.

This cute and happy pumpkin is decorated with a cat face. It is sitting in among green pumpkin vines.

This cute and friendly cat is dressed up as a wizard, and the pumpkin is wearing a ghost cape.

Are you planning a birthday party around the time of Halloween? These fun stamps are easily personalized.

View more Cute Halloween Stamps by various artists at

Cheryl Paton

Custom Peace Sign Tote Bags

Share in spreading some peace with custom Peace Sign Tote Bags. You'll find a variety of designs here that you can also personalize if you like.

I made this first design for a special request of green and blue blends. The word Peace is spelled out under the blended sign in outline letters; the word can be colored, painted in by hand, with paint markers.

I liked it so much, I made an option in purple and green blends.

If you prefer a bright and cheery look, then you'll probably enjoy the peace sign designed with a painting of yellow sunflowers. The word Peace is spelled out with yellow outline letters that have a yellow shadow to the left and bottom of the letters.

For a modern patriotic design, I recommend the peace sign made up of fifty stars printed on a red and white striped flag.

For a more universal appeal, I recommend the world peace sign design. I painted a picture of the earth, that is flowering and flourishing, with the peace sign in front of it.

For fun and also for thoughts of chocolate, here is my painting of a chocolate peace pie, printed on canvas bags. The word peace is written under the pie with brown outline letters.

Any of the above tote bags can be customized with your own text. Any of the designs can also be ordered on the bag style of your choice. The bags range from the small budget style to sturdier and larger canvas styles.

You can see more Peace Bags by CherylsArt at

Cheryl Paton