Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Teddy Bear Birthday Invitations

These cute Teddy Bear Birthday Party Invitations are perfect for kids of any age, and for both boys and girls.

This design features my painting of a cute teddy bear that is swinging on a swing - that is held up in the air by an array of colorful balloons. The teddy bear is brown and is wearing a red heart.

This design is currently ready on two sided invitations, postcard invitations, postage stamps, stickers, wrapping paper, ribbon, paper napkins, and greeting cards. Clicking on the link will give you larger images and also take you to my CherylsArt store on Zazzle.

When our daughter was a child, one of her favorite past times was swinging in the tree swing. She also loved the teddy bears that I stenciled on her walls. She would have loved a birthday party with this teddy bear design!

Cheryl Paton