Friday, March 25, 2011

Art on Products - Candy Mint Swirl

Many times art imitates life. We see something we like and want to savor it; as in a cool refreshing mint - the taste lingers in the mouth.

The design in the candy is simple, yet complete. Inspired by this candy, I decided to make a free hand design. No candy in sight, I drew equally spaced lines so that it'd have an alternating effect. I painted white first, leaving the pink watercolor lines for reference. Then when I added blended brush of white and red, I added a round affect to the lined areas.

I love painting like this. There was no set design that I was trying to replicate exactly. Although I have done that, I prefer the free flowing design that unfolds as I make it. Then it conveys a natural sweetness, just as in the candy, itself.

May you enjoy the sweetness of life.

Cheryl Paton*/