Friday, April 29, 2011

Art on Products - Bird Art Prints

Birds are a popular choice for prints. Perhaps because they represent a taste of freedom, being able to fly through the air, most of them at least. They also offer an array of colors, as well as curiosity.

Baby chicks remind me of such curiosity. I remember being amazed when I used to visit my aunt and uncle's farm when I was a kid, with all the various animals.

Did you know that birds are intelligent? I read an article about crows that had figured out that the nuts would get cracked open if they were dropped on the highway where cars would drive over them. Some ingenious crows also learned to drop them down over crosswalks, and then to wait for the walker light to come before gathering their meal.

The black silhouette of a sea gull reminds me of the intelligent crow. I know that this was a sea gull because I had taken a picture of it while it was in flight. I might have thought that it was a crow if I hadn't known it already.

Birds come in all sizes. Some species also have long slender legs.

They also live in various habitats. Some migrate for different seasons, some don't.

Some birds stand tall with their colors, like the pink flamingo. Did you know that not all flamingos are pink? The babies are born white and change color over time.

Geese are known for flying in a V formation. The front geese works the hardest, and the others benefit from the lift from the first goose. They take turns being the leader.

Some ducks serve as models, like the mallard below. I saw this guy when I was at a park, and painted a picture of him.

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Hope you enjoyed your visit, and learned a thing or two about some of the different types of birds.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Art on Products - Pointillism

I recently did a blog on polka dots; however this one is on a particular style of dots, called Pointillism. The short definition of pointillism is painting a picture with dots. The dots themselves can be spread out, close together, random, overlapping, organized, one size, and/or various sizes. The dots can be round, or they can be odd shaped, as when one paints with the side of the brush.

The following flag done in pointillism is an example of both organized and random dots, which is pictured on a postcard.

The kayak scene, on a postcard, involved a lot of random and overlapping dots.

The pointillism, on the butterflies postage stamp, is made by single sized dots in a very organized manner with no overlapping.

Pointillism can be painted on top of a background color, as demonstrated on this rose sticker.

And it can be used as an outline, as shown on the morning glory flower, on wedding invitations.

Pointillism has been around for a long time. Its origin has been credited both to Georges Seurat and the Aborigines.

The La Grande Jatte by Seurat, pictured here on a poster, is one of his most famous paintings. I had read somewhere that it had taken him around two years to complete.

I like various styles of pointillism, and I like the affect. My favorite type to paint is lots of random dots with colorful paint markers; it goes much faster.

Do you like pointillism? What is your favorite pointillism picture?

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Art on Products - Polka Dots

Polka dots are a fun and colorful way to accent birthday parties and items for kids; and adults like them too. Polka dots can be various sizes and colors, and are eye catching, making them a great choice for colorful reminders.

Here, you can add your own message to these colorful stickers.

They're a fun choice for birthday stamps for kids of all ages:

Smaller white dots add a cute accent to these star shaped stickers:

I chose polka dot buttons to accent my kitchen towels. They added a cute decorative touch.

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What do you think? Do polka dots help to bring out the kid in you?

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Art on Products - Cake Art Designs

When many people think of art, they think of paintings on canvas and such. It used to be that if one was a cake decorator, they knew how to make rose petals and rolling ribbons on top of the cake.

Happy Birthday Toddler postcard
Happy Birthday Toddler by Sandyspider
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Today, cake decorating has taking on a whole new meaning, and cake decorators have become artists in their own right. Instead of painting on traditional canvases though, icing and fondant has become their canvas of choice. And the cakes have taken on a whole new dimension. Once traditionally round or rectangle, cakes can now be shaped like cars and sport racing stripes, or shaped like a cruise ship for a bon voyage. The cake decorator has become more of an artist.

When cake decorators don't have the time to design an artistic business card, what do they do; they take advantage of the talents from another kind of artist, and let them do the painting:

Then have more time to sit down an enjoy a beverage in a favorite cup:

So they can then get back to their other talent, baking wonderful cakes:

Cheryl Paton
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Art on Products - Turquoise Heart on Terra Cotta

When I made the turquoise heart design, I was inspired by a turquoise necklace that I have. Turquoise reminds me of the American Indian. When you see this heart, my hope is that you remember the American Indian, and give tribute to them. They are part of our culture and our heritage.

Love Wedding Stamps, Turquoise Heart stamp
Love Wedding Stamps, Turquoise Heart by Cherylsart
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Cheryl Paton receives money from purchases made through links on this page.