Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Cards for Cat Lovers

Cat lovers are a purr-fect breed. We love cards that speak to us, preferably ones with cats on them. Here are some special cards designed for cat lovers, from a variety of artists on Zazzle.

My tuxie always says love to me. Here is a painting of her that I added a birthday party hat to:

How else might a cat say Happy Birthday? How about Happy Purrr-thday?

If you would like something a little more subtle, check out the Himalayan cat Happy Birthday card:

Or purr-haps you would like a portrait of a purr-fect cat face:
Check out more Cat Birthday Cards at Zazzle.

I hope you have found the purr-fect card and that your day is purr-fect as well.

Cheryl Paton

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Art on Products - Fashion Trendy Belt Buckles

I had been wanting to make some new belt buckle designs. Then one evening I was watching Income Property on HGTV. The opening showed Scot McGillivray dressed up in a suit, and wearing a simple black center belt buckle. Whoa yeah, I have a cool black textured design that would look great on a belt buckle. So the next day I commenced to making some stylish belt buckles. The first one being black, of course.

This one is a textured look from a painting I did on canvas.
Black with Specks Texture Look Belt Buckles
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This is from a textured painting I did in red:
Red Texture Look Background Belt Buckles
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Check out Red Belt Buckles online at zazzle

If you would like a solid background color for the center of the belt buckle, you can select any color from a palette of colors. The color I selected for this belt buckle is brown, however you can customize it with the color of your choice. To choose your own color, click on the item, then on Customize It, then on Edit, then on Background, then on the Color of your choice, and then on Done.

Pick your Color Brown Center Fashion Belt Buckles
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If you like trendy artistic designs, you might like to choose from the following.

First are some animal prints. No animals were harmed in the designing of these designs. They were designed using paint and canvas.

The browns and beiges of giraffe spots will go with a variety of earthy colors.
Giraffe Spots Pattern Belt Buckles
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The leopard spots will also go with a variety of earthy colors and includes black as well.
Leopard Spots Painting Custom Belt Buckles
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This is a star type kaleidoscope pattern in silver and light blue:

This is from another painting that I did and modified it in to a kaleidoscope pattern. I gave it a teal background. You can also customize the background color on this, using the same instructions that are near the top of the article.

For any of the above belt buckles, you can choose the oval or rectangle style.

You can view more trendy belt buckles by CherylsArt at her store on

If you see a design that I have made and would like it in a different color, you can submit your request in the comment section, or email me at

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Cheryl Paton
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