Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hearts Gift Baskets for Coffee Lovers for Valentines

The nice thing about Valentines is that there are a myriad of ways to choose gifts for people. It doesn't have to be all candy and flowers. For coffee lovers, it can be a heart themed mug. The mugs can be made into little planters, and can also serve as mini gift baskets.

For a gift basket, you can place crumpled paper into the bottom and layer some favorite gift items on top. Check the bottom of this page for some gift ideas.

This first mug features an array of colorful hearts in the colors of the rainbow.

This next one features an array of pink and red hearts in various sizes.

If you are looking for something more earthy and or techie, this green heart design on terra cotta brown is perfect for both techies and earthy folk.

A sweet treat would be to add candy flavored spoons. These can be used for adding some extra flavor to coffee, hot chocolate, and or your other favorite warm beverage.

For coffee lovers, stick packs of instant coffee can fill some spots.

Little streamers and bows can also be added for a decorative look.

Happy Valentine's to you and yours.

Cheryl Paton

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pretty Pink Mums Cards and Magnets, and More

I made the mum design by drawing an outline of them first, and then I colored them in using Corel Paint Shop Pro. Hope you like them.

This is a flexible magnet that measures 3 by 4 inches. You can easily add your own text.

They're a nice way to let someone know that you are thinking of them.

They add a pretty decorative touch on custom throw pillows.
Pink Mums Flowers Chrysanthemums Pillows
Pink Mums Flowers Chrysanthemums Pillows by Cherylsart
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Cheryl Paton
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Friday, January 24, 2014

Sweet Sixteen Pool Party Birthday Invitations

Your teen is turning sixteen and she would like a pool party. She's passed the stage of wanting the kid look and wants something a bit more mature, yet still fun. Here are some invitations that you can use for this special occasion.

The first design is simple and modern. It features a pool with an artistic splash. The middle of the pool is highlighted and awaits your personalized text. You'll find the area for the party details on the other side.

This next design features another modern design with sunglasses, as the oo in pool. The back features a paisley like design in light and dark pink on white.

This third choice features a fun design; the oo in the word pool is replaced with a sun wearing sunglasses and a beach ball. Flip flops are placed at the beginning and the ending of the invitation text. There is an area on the back for more party details.

Each invitation is easily customized online using the provided template forms. Remember to also mention anything that you want the girls to bring, such as towels, sunblock, inner tube, etc.

Enjoy, and a big happy birthday to your daughter, niece, etc.

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Cheryl Paton