Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Color in Aprons - Fun Painting Activity for Kids

Are you looking for a fun activity for the kids to do at a party and/or as a family activity? Aprons to color in can be your answer.

Kids like being creative and also making things that can be used. They like seeing their good works being useful and appreciated in some way.

Coloring in aprons can be less messy or more messy. It mainly depends on the kids, and also what kind of paints you choose. I prefer the fabric paint markers. They don't require any bowls of water or brushes. They do require a little bit of practice first, so that the kids don't press the tips to far, and inadvertently have too much paint run out. In my experience, the Sharpie Permanent Markers bled on the fabric when laundered, even though I had heat set it first.

You can also use fabric paint, and/or fabric painting medium mixed in with acrylic paints, along with paint brushes.

Dimensional paint can be used for outlining an already painted in design, or just by itself. The dimensional paint will take longer to dry; so it should be laid to the side for several hours or more before any kind of manipulation.

Whatever painting medium you use, do have flat sheets of cardboard on hand to place under the apron, before having the painting to begin. This will prevent paint bleed through onto the table or onto anything else that might be under the apron.

Also, be sure to have the painting activity occur early on during your get together, so that the paint can be drying while the kids are snacking or playing games.

This is the cat apron before any paint is added to it. You can order with your own text, or just delete the text if you don't want any.

The kids aprons are smaller and come in the style that is pictured above. There are also adult sized aprons for older kids that come in medium and long lengths. All three styles come in a choice of white, khaki, and yellow.

When buying, choose the outline design that you like first, then choose your apron style and/or color.

If you have any questions and/or design requests, you can submit them in the comment section below. Outline design requests can also be emailed to me at

Cheryl Paton