Thursday, September 17, 2015

Halloween Bags Personalized by Kids

Are you looking for a fun activity for your kids to do for Halloween? Are you also looking for personalized Halloween bags that are sturdy enough to hold the treats? If so, then you can accomplish one or both of these items with custom canvas Halloween bags.

Outline drawings are already printed on these bags which the kids can personalize with coloring, painting, and or adding their own artwork. These can be colored in with fabric paint markers, or paint them in using brushes and fabric paint.

They can also glue on ribbons, beads, googly eyes, etc., whatever would make it more fun and personal for your child.

This first one is one of my favorites. It has a cute little kitten that had gotten into a pumpkin and is now peeping out of the top. You can see its tail when you look at the pumpkin's nose. You can see the kitten's back feet if you look at the pumpkin's eyes.

Here's another one for cat lovers. Cats can be any color for Halloween; maybe this one will be white with some black spots, or maybe it will be tabby striped.

These ghosts need some faces. How else will they be able to say Boo!

Scarecrows are also popular for Halloween. Kids can color in his clothes and straw hat? If the kids are feeling more creative, they can add a black crow to the scarecrow's shoulder!

Kids can add their own flare by creating a face design on this Halloween pumpkin.

This cute pumpkin has a cat face; did you notice the whiskers?

By doing fun and creative activities with your kids, you'll be creating fun and special memories, and sturdy Halloween bags.

Cheryl Paton