Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Personalized From the Kitchen of Lid Stickers

Here you will find an artistic selection of personalized - From the kitchen of - lid stickers, as an extra touch for your tasty gifts.

Some have fruit designs on them, some simply have a decorative circular border, and there is one with an assortment of fruits and vegetables on that you can circle the main ingredient or ingredients if you like. There is also a holiday themed one designed for Christmas.

This first one shows a painting of a pineapple with your personalized info to the left.

For the smaller, shorter fruit, the text is usually under the fruit, as in the apple lid stickers.

This is the assortment design for you to circle any of the ingredients used in your dish.

There are decorative circular borders and also solid ones.

And this one is designed special for the Christmas holiday season.

You can browse the whole selection here; you can choose the sticker size.

May you enjoy your personalized gift giving. Receiving home made jams, jellies, preserves, etc., are always a nice treat.

Cheryl Paton