Thursday, December 22, 2011

Art on Products - Coloring Santa Claus

When I was a kid, I loved paint by numbers and coloring in outline drawings on fabric. In those days, the only choices for color in designs were table cloths, pillow cases, and velvety pictures. Now the choices include t-shirts, canvas bags, aprons, quilt squares, and more.

Here are some fun coloring designs for one of our most famous characters, Santa Claus.

First up is Santa on a canvas bag. Kids can color this ahead of time and use as their Christmas stocking.

For kids of all ages that like to wear their art, we have Santa outlines on tee shirts. You can choose any shirt style, color, and or size.

If you want to get in the mood for baking cookies, etc., we have an apron for you to don.

May you enjoy coloring in fun as much as I did when I was a kid.

Cheryl Paton

Monday, November 21, 2011

Art on Products - Pointillism Santa Claus by CherylsArt

For most people, the thought of Santa Claus brings thoughts of joy, wishes granted, and a time for merriment. This painting of Santa in Pointillism reminds me of all of this. He looks cheerful, artful, and content. If I were a child, I would love to receive a cute canvas bag with a picture of Pointillism Santa, filled with goodies of course. Do you have special thoughts of Santa and Christmas? Wishing you a wonderful Christmas Season and a thoroughly good New Year. Cheryl Paton CherylsArt*/

Monday, October 17, 2011

Art on Products - Frosty Candy Cane Hearts Save the dates, Cards, and more

This blend of pink has a frosty look to it. When I think of winter, I think of frosty mornings. So when I designed the candy cane heart, I decided to have it be on a frosty background. The background is a painting of blended reds and pinks.

You can send this frosty pink look on your Save the dates, whether it's for a winter wedding and or other winter holiday. There is a template placeholder where you can easily upload your photo. If you need to reposition the photo or adjust the size of it, then click on Customize, once you're on the product page.

For weddings, we also have the Candy Cane Heart invitations which can be customized online. The frosty design is left in the center, and the words, Our Wedding, are written in white.

With either one, you can include Candy Cane Hearts RSVP postage stamps. View, Our Wedding Stamps, here.

Couples can commemorate their wedding with a personalized Candy Cane Heart ornament. There is a template placeholder for names on one side, and a placeholder for the date or year on the other side.

A personalized Thank you will be appreciated. You can type in your thank you message on the provided template form.

You can find more matching and commemorative candy cane wedding items at Zazzle.

Cheryl Paton, that's me, is the artist and Zazzle is the company that does the printing and shipping.

View other candy cane heart options at Amazon:

Friday, September 23, 2011

Art on Products - Decorative Light Switch Cover Plates

Decorative light switch plate covers are an easy way to add an artistic touch or a pop of color to a room. Below you will find artistic designs by Cheryl Paton, a.k.a. CherylsArt.

This pretty diamond and butterfly design is a nice accent of purple and yellow.

For a bit of abstract with shades of light blue, we offer you the blue tree silhouette.

For animal lovers, and also for a child's room, you might like the mother and child giraffes, light switch cover plates.

Another idea for the child's room is the three balloons in primary colors of red, yellow, and blue.

For sports fans, we have the basketball going through the hoop,

and the football shown at an angle.

For rustic and autumn themed colors, we have the autumn leaves kaleidoscope design, with touches of green.

For couples, we have the colorful layered hearts design.

The above selections are ordered from Zazzle, a print on demand company. If you would like to customize any of these with text, you can click on the design, then on Customize It, and then on Add Text. After you type in the text, then click on (f) for font, choose your font, then choose the font size and color.

The light switch covers below are ordered from Amazon.

There are lots of artistic light switch covers, designed by CherylsArt, to choose from at Amazon.

Cheryl Paton

Art on Products - Autumn Neckties, Shirts, Cards, Mugs, Letterhead, Envelopes

Autumn is the time of year when the beautiful colors have switched from flower blossoms to the leaves on the tree. Gone for a while are the bright vivid reds, yellows, and purples of flowers; for awhile we welcome the more subdued yellow, oranges, greens, and browns. Come help me welcome the season of Fall. Some of the first colors that I've noticed are reds and yellows, as depicted in this wonderful Autumn tie of oak leaves:
And the yellows and browns of Autumn Birch leaves, a wonderful way to send greetings:
Before the full blast of orange leaves, as shown on this I love Fall shirt:
For many, the true sign of Fall is the maturing of the pumpkins. This wonderful mug would be a great touch to have with a slice of pumpkin pie:
Do you love the contrast of the Fall colors with the beautiful blue sky. The text on this Autumn Letterhead can easily be customized for personal or business use:
Autumn leaves though, must at sometime fall; perhaps that is why Autumn is also called Fall. I'm reminded of fallen leaves on these beautiful envelopes. There is also matching stationery:
Most people will also say they think of cooler weather, along with thoughts of Autumn. This word of Autumn, on a long sleeve hoody, is designed from fall leaves:
One of the nicest things about Fall that I love though, is the thought of Blessings. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and blessings are so important to think of, no matter the time of the year. Hope you enjoy this wonderful greeting card and all the thoughts of Fall:
Cheryl Paton
CherylsArt on Zazzle

Friday, August 26, 2011

Halloween Party Invites, Trick or Treat Bags, Posters, Neckties, Postage Stamps, and Stickers in Costume

Halloween is a fun time of year to dress up in costumes. It's a time when your inner pumpkin can come out and you won't be alone.

So I took a browse through some of my online friends Zazzle stores, searching for costumes, and this is what I found.

Custom Halloween Party invitations for kids sporting a pumpkin, dice, cowgirl, and ghost:

And matching Trick or Treat Bags:

A poster of a couple in costume, dancing in revelry:

A metallic pumpkin face for necktie wearers:

A Vintage Halloween design on postage stamps for boo-tiful greetings and party invites:

And funky Halloween stickers for treat bags and decoration:

Hope you have a happy Halloween. What is your favorite Halloween costume that you have worn?

Cheryl Paton
CherylsArt on Zazzle

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Art on Products - Star Stickers

The star is a simple shape, usually drawn with five points. To many, the star has also become a symbol of status, perhaps because we look up to them in the night sky and become mesmerized by their simplicity and brightness. A famous actor becomes a star. An A student becomes a star student. A great performance becomes a star performance. Beyond simplicity, the star has also come to represent excellence.

Excellence is rewarded for a job well done:

A stellar lens on Squidoo is awarded a purple star:
Purple Star Cereal sticker
Purple Star Cereal by Sandyspider
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Purple Stars are also found in nature:
Purple Star sticker
Purple Star by bethd821
sticker printing done with

Stars have become a symbol of various holidays, i.e. Christmas:

Stars can add a touch of elegance to saying Thank you:

Stars can display a happy face that encourages smiles:

Stars can come in a variety of colors and be used to display a special message:

Whatever your occasion, stars can have a place. Click on any of the star stickers above to purchase, or browse more custom Star Stickers here.

Cheryl Paton
CherylsArt on Zazzle

Monday, June 20, 2011

Art on Products - Happy Thoughts and Designs

I love happy thoughts and designs. I love looking at, giving, and receiving cheeriness. I planted flowers along the edge of my backyard so I can see their vibrant colors when they are in bloom. How about you. Do you love cheeriness and happiness? If so, you'll probably like what I found when I searched on happy for this blog.

First we begin with, Be happy, it's a good feeling. It's such a wise thought:

Next we go to the one major holiday of the year, when most people think happy and merry thoughts, Christmas. Add a photo to this fun magnet to commemorate a happy occasion:

For happy holidays, the next runner up is Happy Maaa Day:

Speaking of mothers, more happy thoughts can come with fun family reunions:

This frog brought a happy smile to my face as soon as I saw it. How about you?

Birthdays are another time to celebrate happy:

Love this cheerful clown; he'd make a cute addition to any birthday gift:

I found this saying to be so perfect - Happiness held is the seed, happiness shared is the flower:

The sunshine of happiness can be found anywhere, including on this lovely tie:
Sunshine Tie tie
Sunshine Tie by SayItNow
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Sometimes happiness is in the season:

or in sharing friendship:

But wherever we are, whatever the occasion, and whatever time of the year it is, we can always find happy. Because wherever we are, we are always connected to the spirit that connects us all:

May you find happiness and enjoy being happy every day of your life.

Cheryl Paton
CherylsArt on Zazzle