Thursday, October 29, 2015

Christmas Themed Shower Curtains

Christmas is coming and a quick and easy way to add some festive holiday decor to the bathroom is with a Christmas themed shower curtain.

Here you'll find a variety of color themes as well, including, green, purple, red, blue, and also black. Designs include holly, snowman, Christmas trees, candy canes, and more.

The designs that you'll find on the link below were created by Cheryl Paton, that's me.

The shower curtains measure 71 by 71 inches and are made of polyester. Liners are available to purchase as well.

The Zazzle promise: We promise 100% satisfaction. If you don't absolutely love it, we'll take it back!

Cheryl Paton

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Vegetarian Vegan Invitations for Thanksgiving

I have been vegetarian for quite a few years now. I wanted to make some vegetarian, vegan friendly invites to help fill the need for Thanksgiving invitations for this growing group.

This first one is an autumn leaves design. The word Autumn is outlined from a painting of fall leaves. There are leaf accents on both the front and the back. The word vegetarian can easily be changed to include vegan or to change it to vegan. This is a fine choice for something a little more elegant.

This one conveys the feeling of fun - seeing a strutting happy turkey!

Both are easily customized on the provided template forms. Just click on your favorite design to get started.

May you have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

Cheryl Paton

Monday, October 26, 2015

Smile at Yourself in Front of Mirror

It is important what we think of ourselves. Much has been written about self talk and about being kinder to ourselves.

What used to be seen as being selfish, is now being seen as laying a good foundation to becoming better capable of liking and accepting yourself and others.

Sometimes though, one wants to get away from so much thinking. Who wants to argue with all those old thoughts that come up when you give yourself that first positive thought about yourself. That affirmation may be a meager thought in this transition of change; you may have to learn to make a declaration instead, and declare the new thought as so.

With practice though, it becomes easier over time.

Another practice that one can do is to smile at themselves while looking in the mirror. No thoughts need to be included, although you can. Just walk to a mirror or pull one out of your purse, etc., and give yourself a smile. You're worthy of it and you're worth it.

You can give yourself a long continuous smile for as long as you want, or quick little ones in succession. You can look away, sneak a peak and smile, and look away again, then sneak another smiling peak. Go ahead, make it fun, make it a game if you like.

If you would like to have a positive reminder that it's okay to smile at yourself, you can check out the products below. You'll find this smile at yourself design on stickers, magnets, mugs, business cards, and more.

As you start to smile more, you may find yourself smiling at others more too, like in the line at the store, passing a person going the other direction on the street. Don't worry if not everyone smiles back, this behavior may be new to them. Just know that you gave them a blessing. And when they do smile back, well that's a double blessing.

Cheryl Paton

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Thanksgiving for Turkeys

Years ago, I was sitting on our couch, and this story was bubbling up inside of me. I got paper and pen and let it pour out.

I wondered where it came from. I wasn't as of a yet, a vegetarian, but it seemed to be pointing me in that direction.

I had become a vegetarian once before for approximately six months. I had done it for health reasons and was getting along on it pretty well. Then we adopted our daughter; she was three days old when she came into our lives. Her pediatrician told me that I would need to incorporate meat into our meals, that our daughter would need to have it has part of her diet, being a growing child. I did not know then what I know now, and I added meat back into my diet.

Many years later, I became a vegetarian again, as did my daughter. I know that my health is better for it, and also my conscience.

Turkeys are cool. They can walk tall and strut around. They can actually fly and like to sleep in trees.

Their feathers can look like layers of colors, and usually run dark. The most colorful part of their bodies are their heads. Their necks may be red and they usually have blue around their eyes.

Their tail feathers can be a range of colors including brown, tan, white, and gray. The male turkey spreads out his tail feathers to become more attractive to the female.

Whether you are a vegetarian, become one or not, it is important to eat more vegetables, and to include fresh ones in your diet.

When you eat something other than turkey, then it becomes a Thanksgiving for turkeys.

Cheryl Paton

Friday, October 16, 2015

Team Name Football T Shirts and More

Here you will find a selection of customizable team name football t shirts, cookies, canvas bags, mousepads, hats, and more. It's fun to cheer your favorite team on, and also to join in tailgating fun with football themed cornhole game boards. Let the fun begin...

The above link will showcase a variety of football themed items that you can customize online. You can see all the current designs by visiting CherylsArt football at Zazzle. There are even more products at Zazzle; if there are any products that you would like any of these football designs added to, you can contact me through my Zazzle store, or email me at

Below are examples of the various designs. The first one features a painted football tiled on cornhole boards; get ready for your own pre-game and post-game activities. Most of these designs have a template form to add your favorite team name, other text, or not. Just backspace on the template form if you don't want any text on the product.

The outline drawing of the football is a great way for some coloring fun. The design and customized team name can be colored in using fabric paint markers. Be sure to place a sheet of flat cardboard between the layers of fabric before commencing to color.

The painting of the football going through the goal posts is a great design to focus on goals and achievements.

Cheryl Paton

Monday, October 5, 2015

Artist Morgantown WV Area

Are you looing for an artist in the Morgantown, West Virginia area; and/or do you want a certain type of design that can be printed on tee shirts, stickers, postage stamps, pin on buttons, etc.? Then you have found the right place.

Many people know me online as CherylsArt and purchase my designs through my CherylsArt store on Zazzle. Others commission me to create designs for them personally for weddings, retirements, and more, in the Morgantown, WV area.

These are some of my creations for people in the Morgantown area.

This first one was done for a client who had a rather large Pepsi sign. The colors on it were long gone when it came to me. Now it has a new life. It is made of metal and is approximately four feet tall.

The second design request was for a retirement drawing, featuring a railroad theme, that his friends could sign. The space to the lower right was left open for signatures.

I've also done drawings, portraits, and paintings on plaques for other clients. I also do portraits in colored pencil.

I did this drawing request for a family that wanted to commemorate a wedding that took place in the church hall. This view included the hall and the name of the church on the outside.

You can also have designs made that can be printed on every day products. I work in association with a Print on Demand company, known as Zazzle. I create the design, then upload it to the various products that you would like it on.

Here is an example of my gemstone painting printed on mousepads:

If you live in the Morgantown, WV area and need a local artist, you can contact me at 304-906-9267, between 10:00 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. You can also contact me through my CherylsArt store on Zazzle or by the same phone number if you would like a design made to be printed on products at Zazzle.

My business name, located in Morgantown, WV, is Creative Brushstrokes, LLC.

If you would to get tips from an artist, check out my drawing and painting classes at the Morgantown Michael's store, located in the Glenmark Center.

Cheryl Paton