Thursday, January 8, 2015

Outline Drawings on Aprons

Sometimes you just want an outline drawing on an apron. Perhaps to wear as it is or to paint it in. Either way, you have come across a fine selection.

The drawings range from simple flowers and animals, to more complex designs.

This first design features an outline drawing of a mother and baby fish swimming next to each other.

Here is an example of the fish design that I painted with dimensional paint. I also added in some coral and seaweed outlines with the paint.

The aprons come in three styles and three color choices. The styles include children's aprons, and two different lengths for the adult aprons. Any design can be ordered on any style apron.

The fuchsia flower apron for adults is shown here in the medium length option on yellow.

The Chef Pizza Toss apron is shown in the long length on white.

I own several of the aprons from Zazzle, and they have all been well made. The fabric is a medium weight cotton which is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. They wash up quite well in the laundry and do not need ironing.

The strap around the neck on the adult aprons has an adjustment buckle on it. The straps around the waist are quite long; there is enough room for me to bring it around and tie it in the front. I wear a size 10.

You can view more outline aprons by CherylsArt at Zazzle.

Cheryl Paton